I was born in the home of the Kentucky Derby and grew up in a neighborhood called Derby Downs...thus, I am the DerbyKid.
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CODE BLUE Oliciters!!! Shipper Down! Shipper DOWN!


Jenn? Jenn? JENN!!!!! I just read this and for the first time in forever I have freaked out to no end.http://www.greenarrowtv.com/arrow-andrew-kreisberg-talks-about-the-state-of-oliver-laurel/16823
Kreisberg is STILL referring to O/L as Lois and Clark. He said it’s one of those times they can take their time on. What if that’s their plan? What if they plan on bringing them back together by the end of the series? What if this was ‘indeed’ what he meant when he talked about slow-burn the other day, in the extend of taking it from the start? Business partners, then get them close… OH SHIT PLEASE MAKE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT THIS ‘CAUSE I’M REALLY FREAKING OUT

We’ve got a code blue fandom!!!!



Stay with me  no-one-seesyou-likeido!!! Stay with me!!!

You know…I didn’t get to do lamaze during labor. My daughter was born at 28 weeks. I didn’t even make it to lamaze class. I rocked an emergency c-section baby.

****side note…this is not a bad way to go. Not only did they completely knock me out (because the doctors were kind of scared. You don’t want to be awake when doctors are scared) but then they give you  the good drugs afterwards.

So let’s do it now. Together. Shall we?


This article. THIS article. It is the bain of my existence. So let’s take a look at it okay sweetie? 

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"He’s comparing Oliver and Laurel to the most iconic romantic pairing in superhero history?"

Just came across your post in the Laurel Lance tag and was confused by your confusion on this.

Aren’t there some grounds to compare Green Arrow/Black Canary to Superman/Lois Lane? 

Since this was in a tag that I frequent so I can see Black Canary/Laurel Lance stuff, I just wanted to add that I would definitely put Green Arrow/Black Canary up there with Supes and Lois. They’ve been in my Top 3 DC Comic Couples (in addition to Supes/Lois and Bat/Cat) for a while now.

Snow White’s Evil Queen, Cinderella’s Step Mother, Peter Pan’s Hook, Alice’s Queen of Hearts — there was no villain who came before her (or really after her) that could “summon all the powers of Hell.” The animated Maleficent does not give one flying f*** about popping into the middle of a heavily guarded party, outnumbered hundreds to one, to place the curse on the guest of honor, an infant.That was how she rolls. Poisoned apples? That’s cute. When Maleficent sets a curse, it’s a slow march towards your own impending doom. By

How Could Disney Do This To Maleficent?